Digestive Enzyme complex


A high-strength supplement which combines a broad spectrum range of plant-derived digestive enzymes with carminative, anti-spasmodic and gut-soothing herbs. A unique blend to aid the digestive system naturally and healthily.

Digestive enzymes are important because they enable us to break down proteins, carbohydrates and fats into their raw components in order to make the nutrients available for absorption and utilisation.

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Each person has a finite reserve of enzymes, which can be in short supply during times of stress, illness or as we get older. Over time, poor digestion can lead to nutrients malnutrition and a range of ailments.

Ingredients Per Capsule

  • Betaine hydrochloride – 104mg
  • Lipase 5,000U/GRAM – 66mg
  • Alfalfa powder – 50mg
  • Amylase 50,000U/GRAM – 45mg
  • Apple cider vinegar powder – 30mg
  • Turmeric (95% granulated) – providing 20mg curcumin – 21.05mg
  • Caraway seed powder – 20mg
  • Chamomile powder – 20mg
  • Fennel seed powder (Foeniculum vulgare) – 20mg
  • Ginger root (Zingiberis rhizoma) – 20mg
  • Magnesium stearate (veg source) – 20mg
  • Peppermint leaf powder – 20mg
  • Protease III 30,000HUT/gm – 16.6mg
  • Bromelain 1200GDU/G – 5mg
  • Papain 2000u/mg – 0.15mg